Laser cutting

For 10 years now, we have good command of the laser-cutting technology.
In order to guarantee its manufacturing quality standards, DE LUCA Industry has equipped itself with a high-technology laser-cutting machine of a 4000W power. It allows to cut:

Metal sheets of a 1500 x 3000 mm maximum size
Metal tubes of a 3000 mm maximum length
Maximum thicknesses of:
20 mm for steel
20 mm for stainless steel
10 mm for aluminum

- one automatic loading table allowing the cutting of 2 consecutive metal sheets
- one rail cart allowing the supply of raw material, using an articulated arm with suction mount
- one rotating mandrel for the cutting of tubes with a maximum diameter of 140 mm
- two deburring stations dedicated to the distinct finish of steel and stainless steel/aluminum pieces

NUMERICALLY CONTROLLED machine in a network with our research department.
and handling of files in the DXF, DWG, AUTOCAD, CATIA or PDF format.

We plan to purchase a water-jet cutting machine. This new machine will enable us to meet some specific needs of our customers in very thick and diverse materials as well as in the addition of new components.
Also, it will allow us to increase our services and skills in the industrial subcontracting and to reach out to new, but hitherto weakly developed markets.
Last, this new technology will offer us the benefits of playing a pioneering role in the water-jet cutting service.