Surface treatment

In addition to the traditional painting application method, the company has a painting booth available. It is equipped with electrostatic spray gun to apply liquid painting on metal parts of all dimensions.
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New acquisition in 2009: High-technology INDUSTRIAL DEBURRING machine.
Deburring works are achieved on a machine equipped with a belt conveyor which is 900 mm wide and 3000 mm long.
The deburring process requires the use of simultaneously useable abrasive belts and disks, depending on the desired finish.

This machine allows a flawless finish to the metal sheet parts.

Our applications:
- deburring of flat parts made of cold laminated metal sheets
- deburring of misshapen parts
- deburring of parts to obtain non-cutting and even edges
- deburring of parts for a perfect finish
- deburring of flame-cut parts
- Brushed steel sheet
- Brushed aluminum sheet

Nos applications:
- Ébavurage de pièces planes en tôles laminées à froid
- Ébavurage de pièces déformées
- Ébavurage de pièces pour des bords non coupants et réguliers
- Ébavurage de pièces pour un aspect impeccable
- Ébavurage de pièces oxycoupées
- Tôle Inox brossée
- Tôle Alu brossée

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Achieved in a cabinet, this surface treatment uses fine glass beads at a high pressure which allow to clean, sand or modify the roughness of small to medium-size metal parts in stainless steel or aluminum. The goal is to obtain and satiny and bright surface.

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The sandblasting technique allows to sand, deoxidize or remove a fragile superficial layer. Also, it permits to create a rough surface prior to a painting application.

This technique consists in casting steel shots onto the surface of steel part in order to modify its structure and aspect.
It employs an abrasive material casted at high velocity onto the material to treat. This is achieved using compressed air flowing through a nozzle.

Being treated, the part's surface is ready for the application of a painting finish.

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